Monday, June 27, 2011

79. Visit 10 stores/buildings in downtown Aurora

I put this goal down so I would force myself to explore some of the buildings in the downtown area.  I go through there a lot and figured if I added this goal in that I would try to explore more places that I wouldn't normally go to.
1) I visited the City Hall building for the second time this summer.  The first time I went was in May to go to a City Council meeting.  When I went for that I went straight upstairs into the meeting room and didn't go anywhere else.  I had the "pleasure" of stopping by there again to pay a parking ticket that I received.  After paying the ticket I decided to snoop around.  There is nothing special in there.  The first floor is made up of offices and little else.  The second floor is made up of the city council meeting room and other places that I was not able to access.
2) Ballyboyles - We went here for my birthday. I had heard lots of good things about this place.  I was pleased.
3) Waubonsee Community College - Waubonsee built a new campus downtown.  It is a pretty big building for downtown.  They spent a couple of years building it so I was excited to go explore it after it opened.  Sadly, after you go inside, it looks like any other college building.  Lots of classrooms with tables and chairs.    While I was there I checked out the library.  I was interested to see that there is as much room dedicated to computers as there was for books. At least now I know what is in there.
4) Leland Tower
5) Schorr Glass - They are really quick and really nice in this place.  Living in an old home I have had to use them plenty of times to get new panes of glass.

Places that I go to that don't count:
Library - I go to our library at least twice a month.
Bank - I know what it is like in there.

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